"Oh no, but the forecast for the mountains looks kind'a iffy..."

Well, yes - exactly! But no need for discouragement. Visitors should know that unless a mass of cold Canadian air and high pressure floats down this way, then there's essentially a 30% or so chance of thunderstorms EVERY day in the summer. That's just what the mountains do, but it doesn't necessarilly mean that rain will even fall on any given spot up here - and even when it does, these tend to be short, localized storms of 15 to 20 minutes duration. Here at S&D; we have covered decks, so our guests can stay outside and enjoy watching a storm come, and more importantly go. Just thought you ought to know!
Current Weather
The weather here at Deep Creek can change rather quickly - so it pays to be prepared with rain jackets, hats, and an extra layer of clothing in case the temperatures drop dramatically - even in summer!