All Earth Eco Tours

Among the variety of things to do here in Deep Creek, we highly recommend getting some time out on the lake with All Earth Eco Tours. Late summer and fall are the perfect time to get to on an Eagle Watching Tour... Be sure to check out the new Eco Tour video posted to Youtube.

All Earth Eco Tours - Video

Fishing on the Fly - The Dominion Post

The Dominion Post newspaper recently published a great article covering the great fly fishing community here in Garrett County. The article prominently features Streams & Dreams - a good read...

Comments on the article are welcome...

Great S&D Preview Video

It's sometimes interesting the things that turn up when Googling yourself... or in this case, searching on You Tube. One of our guests (Thanks Robin!) graciously shot and posted this video of the grounds and house here at S&D - it provides a great glimpse of what life is like here.